Mia and Grace

Bored with my 4-egg frittata for lunch, I decided to take a walk to downtown Muskegon and go to Mia and Grace, a farm-to-table bistro… it’s only two blocks from my house, so why not?

With Mia and Grace, the menu changes almost daily, so what you order one day may not be there the next. So you walk in, and their menu, which is hand-written on brown paper and tacked to the wall above the cash register, begs you to read it. They also do as much as they can in-house… house-cut potato chips, mayonnaise, salad dressings, sodas… you name it, they probably do it.

So I walked in, and looked at the menu. All the sandwiches looked appealing, but since I saw they had a beef tongue schnitzel sandwich, I figured why the hell not, and ordered it, along with a cup of chicken and vegetable soup, with their house-made iced tea. The soup came out first, and it beat any chicken soup I had before. Had a touch of heat spice to it, which really made it interesting. Waited about 25 minutes for the sandwich, which might seem like a long time. BUT… I heard the waitress tell a couple next to me that everything is made-to-order, so some items will take longer than others to come out.

When the sandwich came out, it was big. This was on a bratwurst style milk-bread bun, and it just screamed EAT ME NOW. So I took a bite, and the crunch of the schnitzel with the soft bun and the house mayonnaise was wonderful. I finished it, and thought damn… I wish I could come here every day. At least here, I wouldn’t have to worry about counting calories or worrying if I ate enough. Here, the portion sizes are just right.

Which is what I like about places like this. The food may be a bit pricey, but with the attention that goes into each dish, it’s worth every penny. I find with chains that their “healthy” options are boring, limited, and tasteless, while everything else on the menu is a fat-sugar-salt bomb that’s crawling off the plate.

The only thing I don’t like about this place is the hours. They’re only open Tuesday through Saturday from 9-5. In a way, I understand… they are a chef-driven restaurant, so you eat on their hours, not yours. So I guess it’s a great lunch spot.

Anyway, here’s an example menu: http://www.miaandgrace.com/full-menu

What would you order?


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