Cutting the food budget (sucks)

With me not having a job, and my dad working at a gas station for peanuts, we’ve had to fall on the sword budget wise. This means we’ve had to wave goodbye to a lot of the creature comforts we’ve had the past couple years. So far, the slashes have affected the following:

-Coffee. I went from the premium to Folgers. God… Folgers is nasty stuff. I’ve given up artificial sweeteners and sugar, and I need one or the other to drink it.

-Meat. We haven’t been able to order from Creswick Farms or the Fishmonger’s Wife, and have had to buy factory-farmed meat at Meijer. Since I know that factory meat isn’t the healthiest, we’ve started buying lean meat and pulling the skin off chicken. And because I know from my whole60 that factory-farmed bacon and sausage is perhaps the least-healthy meat you can buy, we’ve backed off that too.

-Pop. This has actually been a blessing in disguise. Since I know either regular or diet soda both are addictive, and that artificial sweeteners give me gas, it’s been easier to cut that stuff out. If I do have soda, I want it to be either stuff I make from scratch, Stewart’s, or Virgil’s. Maybe Jones too.

-Dining out. There was a point we were going to Hennessy’s, Mia and Grace, Toast N Jams, etc with regularity. Then again, we really shouldn’t be dining out anyway.

And if I do find a good job, we might be able to bring some of this back… but for now, we have to walk through the desert.


About Bob

I'm just a 30 year old who loves and lives food. I've been morbidly obese, teetered on the edge of anorexia, battled with orthorexia for a couple years, and am finally living a life of balance. As for what I do, I'm a student at the Culinary Institute of Michigan through Baker College, I work in retail, and I'm still finding my way through this hurricane. View all posts by Bob

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