Tying Baking to Running

My other passion is running. And for the longest time, I didn’t know how to tie baking to running. If you look on the surface, it would seem apparent that my need to make cookies and brittle would negatively impact my running. That changed this year. To be honest, I’m tired of having to buy packaged energy bars, energy gels, and sports drinks. Far too often, they come with a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce, the cost adds up over time, and the packaging ends up either in the trash or on the side of the road somewhere.

I decided that this year, I would make my own fuel using fresh, minimally processed food. In 2011, I made energy bars for a Team in Training function, and they were a hit. Containing old-fashioned oats, dried cranberries, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, honey, Demerara sugar, and butter, they’re quick to assemble and bake. Only problem is, in 2012, I went back to CLIF bars, and in 2013, I didn’t even think about making them. But with wanting to run on the cheap, it’s time I broke the recipe out of hiding.

As for gels, I looked up a recipe online, and they were simple. All I need is honey, blackstrap molasses, and salt. Plus water or some kind of liquid to make it pourable… you have to put it in a 5 oz GU flask to use it. That being said, I’m going to add brewed coffee. I figure the caffeine will give me an added kick, and the coffee taste will be a nice touch.

I’m still figuring out the sports drink, though. The recipe I found calls for water, lemon juice, lime juice, baking soda, and salt.

I figure my first test of these products will come later this month, when the training schedule for the Fifth-Third River Bank Run 25K (15.5 miles) calls for a 10 mile run.


About Bob

I'm just a 30 year old who loves and lives food. I've been morbidly obese, teetered on the edge of anorexia, battled with orthorexia for a couple years, and am finally living a life of balance. As for what I do, I'm a student at the Culinary Institute of Michigan through Baker College, I work in retail, and I'm still finding my way through this hurricane. View all posts by Bob

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