Ann Arbor- the food

Last week, my dad and I went to Ann Arbor. All we did was nap and eat. Here’s where we ate:

Friday night, after checking into the motel, we ate at Tio’s Mexican Cafe. Located in downtown Ann Arbor, the place was packed. We had a 30 minute wait for a table, but when we sat down, we ordered the chips and salsa and Dragonmead Final Absolution IPA. The salsas were good… they gave us a mild, medium, and hot salsa. The hot wasn’t “oh my god, this hurts,” it provided a pleasant kick. When it came time to order, I ordered the enchilada sampler; I chose beef, pork, and mushroom. The entree came with refried beans and Spanish rice, which I had them box up for me. We also talked to the waitress about Mt. Nacheesmo, and we learned it’s really for 4-5 adults. We also learned that several people, thinking they’re all that, take on the Mt Nacheesmo challenge and end up humiliated. Overall, I give the place a 9.5/10.

Saturday and Sunday morning, instead of looking for a breakfast spot, we went looking for coffee and settled on Espresso Royale Caffe. I was expecting odd paintings on the wall, folk music playing, that sort of thing. But it was actually wide open, there was no music playing, and the paintings looked normal. I ended up ordering a chocolate chip scone on Saturday and a raspberry almond scone on Sunday, along with the house brew coffee. I was disappointed by the scones, though… the chocolate chip only had 4 chips in it. 7/10. (great coffee, weak pastries)

Saturday afternoon, we went to Maize and Blue Delicatessen. It’s located near campus, and sure enough, the place was crawling with students. But we didn’t have to wait for a table. I ended up ordering Sumer’s Delight, a roast beef and Jarlsberg sandwich on grilled challah… with Mrs. Vickie’s jalapeno chips, a big pickle and a pop. The sandwich was as big as my head. Overall, I would definitely go back. 9.5/10.

Saturday night, we went to Arbor Brewing Company. There was a 15 minute wait for a table, which I wasn’t surprised by. While I waited, I noticed the atmosphere: dimly lit and very warm. Inviting, even… like they wanted you to stay there for awhile. I ended up drinking the Sacred Cow IPA… 2 glasses. Their large beer is only a pint, which is alright with me. As for what I ended up ordering, I had the blackened shrimp and Andouille sausage etoufee. And it was a modest size, too… I was expecting portions to be crawling off the plate. Definitely want to go back. 9.5/10.

I wanted to go to Zingerman’s as well, but I was over-ruled, and we ended up going to some place in the Michigan student union. And the food there simply wasn’t worth writing about.

I like the town. Its downtown is active with plenty of places to hang out, shop, and eat. I also saw plenty of runners, and there’s a lot of trails.

As for the University of Michigan, I’m rather ambivalent. I did not attend the school, and I really don’t care one way or the other about the sports teams on campus. Which is odd, because in Michigan, you’re told what school to cheer for since birth. After graduating from Northern Michigan University in 2006, I started to not care about Michigan football.

And yes, I took pictures, but I haven’t uploaded them to my computer yet.


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